Critical Elements has been helping teachers and administrators since 2005. Our software solutions reduce school district costs and, at the same time, improve student performance outcomes by automating processes that free up more resources for students.
Critical Elements serves some of the largest school districts in the United States, which puts us in a unique position to help all districts and schools. Working with thought leaders across the nation allows for greater sharing of best practices as well as the creation of new and better ways of doing things.
We are also the lowest-cost provider because we operate our business as inexpensively as we can in order to pass on maximum savings to our clients. These savings directly impact everyone’s ability to do all that they can for the betterment of our students and their families.


Trust, Integrity, and Performance
Critical Elements’ employees live by a three-pillar mantra: always be trustworthy, always operate with integrity, and always perform at the highest levels possible. Being trustworthy isn’t a selective approach. When it comes to trust, we hold ourselves accountable to every one of our users as well as our fellow workers. We keep our promises and wear the trust our customers put in us like a badge of honor. Operating with integrity means we make every effort to be transparent and always do the right thing. Decision-making is prioritized by the benefit it brings our community of users not in how it may serve the business. We treat everyone with the utmost care and respect. In this we never compromise.
When it comes to performing at the highest levels possible, this is a product development philosophy as much as it is a customer support mentality. We design and develop solutions that are faster, more intuitive, and have fewer errors than any alternatives. When we receive customer requests we respond immediately.

A Team of Experts

We are a talented team of business and educational experts. From development and engineering to support and quality assurance to sales and marketing, we hire and train the best.

But what really separates our team from others is the integration of education experts who ensure, and assure, that we sustain our leadership position by delivering desirable functionality.

Our client-partners are another extension of our expertise. Because our customers traverse dozens of state school districts, we glean vast amounts of feedback and suggestions, which give us an additional leg up. Our customers’ inputs help us determine and prioritize the features that add the most value to everyone in the Critical Elements community.